As we age, reaction times lengthen.
Our field of vision decreases.
And loved ones worry about our safety on the road.
BrainHQ Driving Cognitive Training Course

DynamicBrain, the Canadian partner of Posit Science corporation, is now offering web-based Driving Cognitive Training course.

The suite of BrainHQ cognitive training exercises is supported by clinically proven research from the Mayo Clinic and over 100 peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate significant improvements. BrainHQ is the only program that meets the Institute of Medicine's (IoM) requirements for brain training. Learn more »

Maintaining a healthy and fit brain requires just a little bit more than only exercising with BrainHQ. While the exercises on BrainHQ directly target various brain areas, there are other lifestyle elements that need to be considered for improved cognition. Nutrition, physical activity, social life, and sleep all contribute to our brain's health. That's why we also share information and helpful tips along with hands-on cognitive training in our driving classes.

For web-based class schedules, registrations and Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the button below. If you require further information, feel free to send us an email at
Brain Fitness Programs

"The studies show these brain exercises improve reaction time, cut crash risk and increase driving confidence. Most people can benefit and can achieve their goal of continuing to drive and doing so more safely."
- J. Peter Kissinger, President and CEO
of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety