About the BrainHQ Exercises

Attention Exercises

Forgot where you put your keys? Doesn’t that drive you crazy?! When you set your keys down you most likely weren’t paying much attention. Retraining your brain to focus its attention and help you feel less distracted and more aware is the goal of our Attention exercises.

Learn more about our attention exercises by clicking the links below:

Divided Attention

Double Decision

Mixed Signals

Target Tracker

Freeze Frame

Brain Speed Exercises

Every millisecond of brain speed is important. Your ability to react effectively and remember events is largely determined by how quickly your brain can process events around you.

Learn more about how to operate at top speed with our Brain Speed exercises by clicking on the links below:

Eye for Detail

Fine Tuning

Hawk Eye

Sound Sweeps

Visual Sweeps

Memory Exercises

Your senses are what make up your memories. Forgetting to remember is not your memory failing you but rather your brain not clearly processing information. Creating a crystal-clear memory that can be recalled easily later requires a sharpening of the brain’s ability to record the things you hear and see; and that is the goal of our Memory exercises.

Learn more about our brain memory exercises by clicking the links below:

Memory Grid

To-Do List Training

Syllable Stacks

Scene Crasher

Rhythm Recall

Hear Hear

Mind's Eye

People Skills Exercises

Reading people’s emotions, participating in conversations when the venue is loud, and remembering faces and names can be difficult. These skills are, of course, required in daily life but they become invaluable when you are meeting new clients or participating in important networking events for business.

Learn more about our People Skills exercises by clicking on the links below:

Face to Face

In the Know


Face Facts

Intelligence Exercises

As we age we may grow wiser but that doesn’t mean things get easier. In fact, certain types of thinking that are more complex actually get harder.

Needing to quickly manipulate multiple sources of information can become frustrating when you want to be at the top of your game but your abilities have slowed down.

Learn more about our Intelligence exercises by clicking on the links below:

Card Shark

Auditory Ace

Juggle Factor

Mind Bender

Navigation Exercises

Being able to navigate the world in a confident manner enables us to feel comfortable when faced with new experiences.

Good navigation skills can help you enjoy less stress when following a museum map, figuring out the subway system in a new city, or even finding a new restaurant.

Learn more about our Navigation exercises by clicking on the links below:

Right Turn

True North

Mental Map

Optic Flow