Unique Benefits of BrainHQ

If you are exploring the unique benefits of our brain training program then you are most likely looking for one thing in particular: evidence that this program will actually create results. Real results for real people.

Our #1 priority at DynamicBrain is to ensure that we provide Canadians with a scientifically designed brain fitness program that is clinically proven and peer-reviewed. After exhaustive research into the brain training solutions available to deliver to Canadians we chose to partner with Posit Science.

During our research we learned that there is a seemingly endless variety of brain games available in the marketplace. Posit Science’s BrainHQ program, however, brings an international reputation for excellence, many years of lab research, large clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of the program, and peer-reviewed published papers demonstrating their outstanding results.

What this means for you is that top scientists from around the world have researched and tested all of the principles behind our BrainHQ program and it is proven to create significant results for people who actively practice with our brain exercises.

Take a moment to learn more about our BrainHQ brain exercises, their exceptional scientific design, and ultimately how BrainHQ is clinically proven to help you improve your memory, increase attention, improve focus, and boost your brain speed: