Face Facts

It can be particularly nerve-wracking when you are introduced to new people. Remembering each person’s name, face, and whatever else you learn about that person is something that you would probably like to accomplish – not to mention, in many cases, are expected to accomplish.

The skill to remember these details when meeting new people is something that can help us build and nurture positive relationships with others while also feeling more confident and comfortable. It can almost feel rude – even if through no fault of our own - when we forget a piece of information that a person shares with us about his or her life.


Our Face Facts exercise is designed to challenge your ability to remember names, faces and facts when meeting with new individuals. As you improve and progress through the exercise it will grow more difficult in two ways:


  • The number of people that you are introduced to will increase.
  • The facts and names will become harder to keep straight as they become more and more similar.

Through Face Facts, you will exercise to remember the things you learn when you are next introduced to someone new – perhaps John who you discover works in Human Resources and lives in Saskatoon, or Sally, the maple syrup loving homecare worker taking care of your aunt, or your new neighbours Ethan and Hannah who have three kids and a cat named Mittens.