Resources for Your Brain

Understanding how your brain works and its incredible ability to change throughout your lifetime – for better or for worse – could help you discover the importance of brain fitness and also distinguish between brain myths & brain facts.

For example, many of us might still complete crossword and Sudoku puzzles believing that we are improving our cognitive functions. But do these brain games actually make a difference to our brain’s overall fitness level?

Review the resources below to gain more insight into how your brain works, common brain myths, and some steps you can take to keep your brain in shape:


      • Important Facts & Common Myths
        Our brains are extremely complex and often misunderstood. Check out important facts and common myths about how your brain works.
      • Keeping Your Brain in Shape
        There’s more to brain fitness than brain training exercises. Learn about everyday habits and brain fitness tips that help to support your brain’s well-being.
      • Plasticity of Your Brain
        The effectiveness of brain fitness training is based on the principles of brain plasticity – the ability of your brain to change throughout your lifetime. Learn more about brain plasticity and how it can improve your life.
      • Brain Tricks & Teasers
        Our brains can do amazing things – but they can also play tricks on us! Try out a wide variety of brain teasers and learn how they work.
      • Memory Improvement & Loss
        Learn about the different types of memory that we all use everyday as well as many causes for memory loss.
  • Brain Image Gallery
    View our gallery of images including brain anatomy as well as the auditory and visual systems.
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