BrainHQ Level-Training

If you are an advanced user who has been training on BrainHQ for many years, you may find the following level-training strategy inspiring and challenging. To explain it, we are using the Double Decision exercise, but you can apply the same strategy to any other BrainHQ exercises.

  1. From BrainHQ Dashboard, click on the EXERCISES button and select Double Decision.
  2. Each BrainHQ exercise consists of several Stages and each Stage consists of several Levels. Double Decision for example has 7 Stages and 40 Levels in total. The first few Stages of an advanced user may look like the one below.
  3. Visually scan through the Levels and locate any Level that is not yet trained. We display them as a square with a grey circle in the middle as you see below. Click on it and train to the best of your performance - no need to repeat the Level at this time. Continue until all the Levels of all the Stages are trained.
  4. Once there is no more untrained Level, start from Stage 1 and visually scan, and locate the Levels that your performance is at triple-digit speed. In our example, there is none in Stage 1. So move to Stage 2 and you will see there are three Levels showing slower performances with the speed of 177 ms, 126 ms & 126 ms (lower speed the better). Click on one of these three and try to bring the speed down to double-digit. Once all the Levels in Stage 2 show a double-digit speed, move to  Stage 3 and continue using the same strategy.
  5. At some point, you will have all the Levels of all the Stages showing a performance at double-digit speed. Once that is achieved, start again from Stage 1, locate any speed over 50 ms and workout to bring it down. Then move to Stage 2, etc. The goal is at some point in time, you will have all the Levels of all the Stages as optimal as possible. Although the speed could go as low as 18 ms, if your performance is between 32 ms and 45 ms across, you are competitive!
  6. While doing Level-Training, if you feel tired or not focused, close the exercise, take a few minutes break and move to another exercise.