Freeze Frame Tutorial

In Freeze Frame, you will see a ‘Target image’ that you need to remember for the duration of the exercise. Once you click on the START button, we will display a series of photographs each presented for a limited time. The photographs could be the same as the ‘Target image’ or a different image. For each photograph displayed, you need to respond in one of the following two ways depending on the photograph:

  1. If the displayed photograph is the same as the ‘Target image’, you take absolutely NO action.
  2. If the displayed photograph is different from the ‘Target image’, you will press the right arrow key on your computer keyboard, or click the button on the screen as you see below (touch the button if you are using a touch-screen device).

Here is an example:

Let’s say the Target image is:


Then none of the images below, including the boy in another pose (we call them distractors), matches the Target image, therefore you need to press the right arrow key or click/touch on the “No” button.



More useful information:

  1. You can also try the step by step instructions by clicking the ‘i’ button at the bottom right corner of the exercise screen shown below.

    Note: When you try an exercise in a new level, the instruction mode is on by default. The way you can tell whether you are in instruction mode or exercise mode is to note the orange-color banner on top of the exercise screen which looks like the one below. You can always click on the ‘i’ to toggle between instruction mode and exercise mode.

  2. Early on, the targets are identical to the displayed photographs, however as you progress, the exercise will grow more challenging in the following two ways:

    1. The distractors become more similar to the target and appear more frequently.
    2. Your target image might be a specific element of a larger photograph. Here is an example:

    Let’s say the Target image is:

    Then, the photograph below matches the ‘Target image’ as the photograph contains the Target image as part of it.

    And the one below doesn’t match the Target image as the head is turned to the left.

  3. Control buttons are found at the bottom right of the exercise screen. You can use these buttons to do the following:

    • If at any time you wish to repeat the Instructions on a particular exercise, push the’ i’ button.
    • If at any time you need to Exit an exercise, push the X button.
    • If at any time you wish to Pause the exercise, push the II button.
    • If you want to make the exercise Full screen for easier viewing, push Full screen button.

  4. You may also visit the following page to learn more about this exercise