Your Custom Designed Brain Training Program

BrainHQ brain training exercises are designed to dynamically adapt to your unique personal performance level, while ensuring that you’re always training at the optimal level that’s just right for you. It is also designed to work around your busy lifestyle, helping you understand and track your results as it guides you on how to improve those areas that matter to you most.


  • Adjusting BrainHQ to your lifestyle
    We offer a multitude of options to help you with fitting brain training into your daily schedule so that you can meet your healthy lifestyle goals. Learn how you can create your customised brain training schedule that works around you.
  • About our Brain Fitness Exercises
    Discover how each of our BrainHQ brain training exercises work and how the benefits can extend into your real world life experience.
  • BrainHQ Challenges and Brain Training Courses
    The scientists at Posit Science have designed specialized brain training courses for your specific needs. Find out what courses will suit your requirements best.
  • Top 12 Benefits of Brain Exercise
    Learn about some of the many reasons Canadians benefit from participating in brain training programs including faster thinking and better memory.
  • Measuring & tracking your progress
    Learn how you are excelling with BrainHQ by tracking and monitoring your progress.
  • Tips on Training in BrainHQ
    Check out our training guidance and learn about the diverse ways to train in BrainHQ.