Cognitive Impairment due to Heart Failure

BrainHQ and Chronic Heart Failure (CHF)

Many people don't realize that a common side effect of chronic heart failure (CHF) is a decline in cognitive performance. A peer-reviewed study from the University of Michigan found that using Posit Science brain training can help ameliorate the cognitive impairments that up to 50% of people with chronic heart failure experience. The study, called the MEMOIR study, was published in the Journal of Cardiac Failure. Participants improved in the cognitive measures of delayed recall memory, list learning, and brain speed, as well as in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. This is the first study of this kind to be conducted and it should stimulate further research.


Studies have shown that cognitive impairment due to CHF often goes unreported or unnoticed by physicians. This may be because 4 out of 5 heart failure patients are over the age of 65. Still, over half of people who experience heart failure will, as a result, experience a range of mental hardships, including losses in memory and attention. Research has shown that CHF patients with cognitive impairment also have issues with physical recovery, sleep, mood, and functions of daily living.