Five Brain Facts (Video)

Do we really only use 10% of our brains? Find out what London cab drivers can teach us about our brain and its amazing ability to change and rewire itself.

Learn more about the brain and separate fact from fiction with these short videos.


The 10% Myth

We us only 10% of our brains; is it true?




Did You Know that Your Heart and Head Benefit from Exercise?
Discover how exercising can help both your brain and your body. 




Cab Drivers Brains
Find out what researchers and scientists have uncovered about the physically changing brain from cab drivers in London, England. 





Hear Better with Lower Volume on the TV
Discover how lowering the volume on your television can actually improve your hearing. 




Can You Avoid Memory Loss? 
Like most people you probably think that you cannot avoid memory loss as you age. Watch this video to discover why scientists believe you can avoid it!