Brain Plasticity Luminaries



As scientists expand their knowledge about the human brain, a group of authors have helped spread the news beyond the university campus. The articles below introduce some of the best, most influential science writers working on the topic of the brain today.

Norman Doidge M.D.
Author of The Brain That Changes Itself
Learn about and download a chapter from The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr. Doidge’s New York Times heartwarming bestseller about brain plasticity.





Neuroscientists and other brain specialists are taking great forward strides in understanding the brain and using that understanding to improve lives. These articles shine a spotlight on scientists who are breaking new ground in the study of the brain and how it can change for better or worse.


Richard Frackowiak, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Neurology, University College London
Can the brain “grow” differently? Find out by reading about Dr. Frackowiak’s study of the brains of London’s taxi drivers.


Alice Cronin-Golomb, Ph.D.
Director, Vision and Cognition Laboratory, Boston University
Learn what Dr. Cronin-Golomb’s research tells us about how visual deficits result in malnourishment for Alzheimer’s patients.