Driving Program

BrainHQ and Driving
With all the variables on the road—other vehicles, pedestrians, street signs, construction, wet weather—even the best drivers are at risk of a car crash.

What matters most when an unexpected danger comes your way? Noticing it early and reacting to it instantly.

In over 60 peer-reviewed publications, BrainHQ exercises have been proven to demonstrate significant improvements in visual perception and UFOV (useful field of view.) These improvements translate into safer driving and a 50% reduction in auto crashes. In some studies, only 10 hours of BrainHQ training had lasting effects on driving that persisted for more than five years.


Driver Cognitive Training
If you are interested in taking our driving course alone, please visit BrainHQ Driver Cognitive Training at www.dynamicbrain.ca/driving for further information.


Driver Rehabilitation: New Options For Treatment
If you are a clinician or healthcare professional interested in learning more about driver rehabilitation and how you can use BrainHQ with your patients, please contact us for further information.


Useful Field of View (UFOV) is the area over which a person can take in information from a scene at a single glance. Multiple studies have shown that drivers with poor UFOV are twice as likely to have a car crash as people with good UFOV. In fact, UFOV has been shown to be a better predictor of crash risk than any other visual, cognitive, or motor test.

Reductions in UFOV occur due to normal aging, and because of impacts to the brain through injury or disease. Research has shown that UFOV can be expanded significantly using computerized brain training exercises, and result in a reduction in crash rate.