12 Benefits of Brain Fitness

Benefit #1 - Thinking Faster

As we age building brain speed becomes even more important. In fact, even the quickest among us can still benefit from an increase in brain speed. Even though our wisdom may grow with each passing year, our brains tend to slow down. Speeding up the brain so you can think faster and more efficiently in any situation is the explicit design objective for several BrainHQ exercises (review recommended exercises below). Using our brain exercises has been shown in studies to speed up processing by an average of 135%. This essentially means that the average 70 year old would achieve the brain speed of a person in their 20s.


Thinking faster allowed Jamie M. (quoted above) to resolve a troubling tax problem that had been frustrating him for years. What could you accomplish by thinking faster?


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #2 – Improving Memory

Having a strong memory is critical for feeling confident and sharp in everything we do. Memories can come in a variety of different forms and ultimately touch our lives in a variety of different ways: the details of a story in the news that you want to share with your spouse; the faces and names of people you met at a networking event; what your children want for their birthdays.



BrainHQ by Posit Science has been proven in clinical studies to help people improve both visual memory and auditory memory ultimately helping remember more of what they see (text, faces, visual details…) and what they hear (conversations, names, instructions…). To achieve the most effective and comprehensive memory workout available you should use a broad combination of our BrainHQ exercises.


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #3 - Getting Things Done

Every one of us has a long list of things we need to do from paying bills to making dinner to running errands… and the list goes on.



So how can you create more time in your schedule for the things you enjoy? BrainHQ! Our exercises help people to do more (and do it well) by improving their speed, efficiency and ultimately allowing them to stay on top of things. We’ve been told by our BrainHQ users that the brain training exercises have helped them to become more effective and error free in all sorts of things including: choir practice, projects at work, and even grocery shopping!


Recommended exercises:

Benefit #4 - Trying New Things

One of the most surprising benefits of brain fitness that we hear over and over again from our users is that they have energy and enthusiasm to try new things. Our BrainHQ training actually motivates people to seize the day and awakens their curiosity by engaging important brain chemicals that speed up thinking and sharpen focus.


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #5 - Finding Words

Have you experienced that frustrating moment when your brain can’t quite come up with the right word, even if you’ve said it hundreds of times before and it is on the very tip of your tongue? This is something that we’ve all experienced and, in fact, with age or a clinical diagnosis it can often get even more common.


Certain BrainHQ exercises can help people more easily find words by improving their auditory processing and fluency. This leaves them feeling sharper and more confident when participating in conversations – no longer needing to ask “what’s that word again?”


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #6 - Sharper Listening Skills

Sharp listening skills are required for you to be your best in day-to-day interactions. From keeping up with a fast-talking grandchild to understanding a colleague with an accent to following a conversation in a crowded noisy restaurant – we have easier and more fulfilling interactions when our brains can accurately interpret what others are actually saying. Not only do we have an easier time understanding but we can also remember what is being said much more effectively.

Sharp listening skills actually depend on the brain as much as on the ears. It becomes harder to understand speech (especially when someone is a fast-talker or in a loud location) because the brain’s auditory processing gradually slows down after the age of 30.



People’s ability to hear clearly in any situation has been clinically proven to improve through BrainHQ’s auditory exercises, which speeds up processing by an average of 135%. People of all ages have been shown through various studies to achieve brain speeds that match that of the average 20-something when participating in BrainHQ exercises. This increased processing speed prevents miscommunication and can help to promote good conversation!


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #7 - Eagle-Eyed Vision

Many activities can be safer, easier, and more satisfying if you have sharp vision; Consider driving a car, playing tennis, bird watching, finding someone in a crowded airport or traveling to Rome!

While your eyes take in visual information your brain has to process that information. The result is that your brain is an equal partner in your ability to have ‘eagle-eyed’ vision.



You might just find that life gets easier and more enjoyable when you are able to take in more visual detail, react to what you see much faster, and recall information better with the visual training exercises in BrainHQ.


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #8 - Quicker Reaction Time

How quickly your brain registers something determines how quickly you can react to it. Ultimately, a faster brain means a faster body. For example, the quicker your brain processes a baseball flying towards you the sooner you can move to catch it. The quicker your brain spots a small toy on the stairs the more time it has to prevent you from stumbling. The sooner your brain sees a dog darting into traffic the faster you can apply your brakes.



BrainHQ exercises can help you have the fastest brain possible whether you want to improve your ability to field a ball or catch a sippy-cup your child has knocked off the table.


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #9 - Driving More Safely

When you’re behind the wheel you might not realize that your brain is an important piece of safety equipment and, in fact, your safety is a function of your brain health. Your brain needs to recognize that a driver has run a red light or that a deer has jumped out in front of your car in order to know it needs to send a message to your feet to slam on the brakes. Even if aren’t hurt by a minor fender bender you could find that the accident hurts your wallet.

In order to stop in time when danger comes your way it helps to have a quick reaction time and an expanded “useful field of view” – both of which various BrainHQ exercises can improve. In fact, our exercise “Double Decision” has been shown in studies to cut at-fault crash risk by an average of nearly 50%.


Recommended exercises:

Benefit #10 - Self-Confidence

Our brains tend to slow down a little with age. Even though we may have wisdom on our side, our self-confidence can be affected when we start feeling a little less sharp. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we are feeling confident. Imagine how great you would feel if the self-assurance in your wisdom and skills was matched with the confidence of a sharper, faster brain!



We’ve heard a number of stories from people who’ve used our exercises and finally had the confidence accomplish things like: going back to work after an extended leave, taking a trip to Vietnam, and finally learning to speak Spanish.

People are inspired to seek out new experiences when they are feeling more self-confident in their daily lives. BrainHQ exercises are proven clinically to sharpen and speed up the brain, which ultimately leads to those very feelings of self-confidence!


Recommended exercises:


Benefit #11 – Good Mood

Experiencing a better mood might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of brain fitness. More likely you think of memory, sharpness, and focus. However, our BrainHQ exercises are designed to help the brain produce chemicals like dopamine, which help people feel upbeat, rewarded, and alert. The result of our exercises is that users feel good. They find self-confidence through sharper focus, better memory, and faster thinking which leads to a more positive mood!





Recommended exercises:


Benefit #12 – More Effective than Crosswords

It can be difficult to sift through the clutter and determine what actually works when it comes to improving brain fitness. Without helpful information or clear direction, many of us may choose to do Sudoku or crosswords puzzles.

However, a new study compared our brain-training program to crossword puzzles and it proved that Posit Science exercises work significantly better to improve brain fitness!


Recommended exercises: