BrainHQ Driving Cognitive Training

Our Driving Cognitive Training program takes a unique approach to driving safety. The course emulates the DriveSharp Program - Posit Science's legacy driving program - and contains the training technology used in the ACTIVE study, the largest cognitive training study ever conducted.

The driving course takes about ten hours to complete and features two challenging, interactive exercises that are scientifically designed to enhance the visual system. The exercises improve divided attention, speed of visual information processing, as well as extending Useful Field of View (the area over which you can extract information in a single glance) so that you can notice more and react faster on the road.

"Double Decision" Exercise - Useful Field of View and Visual Processing Speed

Dr. Karlene Ball
Director, UAB Center for Research on Applied Gerontology
PhD, Psychology, Northwestern University

Dr. Dan Roenker
Distinguished Professor, Western Kentucky University
PhD, Experimental Psychology, Kansas State University

Dr. Ball and Dr. Roenker created this task to improve processing speed and to expand the "Useful Field of View" in vision. They have extensively documented broad and enduring benefits of this training in senior and other populations, including in a seminal study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Click Double Decision to learn more about this exercise.

"Target Tracker" Exercise - Multiple Object Tracking

Dr. Peter Delahunt
Director of R & D, Posit Science
PhD, Cognition & Perception, UC Santa Barbara

The ability to track multiple objects simultaneously is an important ability for real-world applications such as driving and playing sports. In the BrainHQ user testing lab, Dr. Delahunt verified that this ability declines with age and more importantly that the decline can be reversed with training.

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BrainHQ Driving Cognitive Training program benefits include:

Increases visual processing speed by 300%

Doubles the size of "useful field of view," so drivers see more of the road with each glance

Decreases reaction time, so drivers can stop 22 feet sooner at 88 km/h (55 mph)

Decreases unsafe driving maneuvers by 38%

Cuts at-fault crash risk by 50%

Improves driving at night and in difficult conditions

BrainHQ Driving Cognitive Training

The suite of BrainHQ cognitive training exercises is supported by clinically proven research from the Mayo Clinic and 70 peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate significant improvements.

Driving Cognitive Training
for 2 months
Brain + Driving Training
for 1 year
"The studies show these brain exercises improve reaction time, cut crash risk and increase driving confidence. Most people can benefit and can achieve their goal of continuing to drive and doing so more safely."
- J. Peter Kissinger, President and CEO
of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety