The ACTIVE Study

The Groundbreaking “ACTIVE” Study

To date, the ACTIVE study remains the largest study ever performed on cognitive training. Funding for this groundbreaking study was provided by the National Institutes of Health and led by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Indiana University School of Medicine, the National Institute on Aging, Penn State University, and others. The results from the study of 2,832 participants proved that brain training and cognitive exercises can yield significant improvements in healthy older adults. Furthermore, the ACTIVE study found that, compared to other types of cognitive exercise, the most significant improvements were seen in participants who used Posit Science brain training programs.

The Objectives of the ACTIVE Study

The primary goal of the study was to monitor cognitive improvements resulting from training and exercise with a comparative analysis of three types of training:

  • Memory-focused training,
  • Reasoning-focused training, and
  • Processing speed training by Posit Science

The participants in the study were healthy adults aged 65 years or older from a total of six testing locations across the U.S. In addition to the impressive size of the study, each participant’s progress was tracked by researchers over a period of five or more years in order to obtain accurate results when trying to determine the effectiveness of brain training over long periods of time.

Increase Your Brain Speed with Double Decision from BrainHQ

Double Decision is an exercise from BrainHQ which is designed to help improve the brain’s processing speed. This is accomplished by having the user spot a target in the middle of the screen while simultaneously detecting another target in the periphery. By speeding up over time, the brain is able to process the targets quickly even if they flash very briefly on screen. Participants in the ACTIVE study used an early version of this exercise and training program to improve their brain processing speed. To discover more about the Double Decision exercise, visit this link.

The Best Cognitive Improvements were from Posit Science Training

Even though all participants experienced improvements in the study from the different types of cognitive training, those who used Posit Science brain training showed the greatest improvements overall. The ACTIVE study also found that the effects from using the Posit Science brain training can last a long time, even if no further training is performed. The study also determined that the effects of Posit Science training had ripple effects that helped participants live healthier and more independent lives for many years.

The results of the study showed that Posit Science training:

  • Helped 87% of participants improve their cognitive abilities.
  • Reduced the risk of serious decline in health-related quality of life by 35%
  • Reduced the risk of the degeneration of an individual’s ability to perform basic daily tasks.


The Results of the ACTIVE Study

  • Significant cognitive improvements
  • 35.6% reduction in the risk of serious health-related quality of life decline
  • Even without further training, effects can last 5 years or more


The Design of the ACTIVE Study

  • Multi-center
  • Prospective
  • Randomized
  • Controlled
  • Single-blind