Brain Fitness and Driving Cognitive Training Classes
Group classes in physical locations

Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital
No classes are currently scheduled, please check again.

Gloucester 50+ Centre
4355 Halmont Dr. OTTAWA, ON, Canada (613-749-1974)
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Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital (To register, please click on the green Registration button below)
43 Bruyère Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Room 127E
Thursdays October 31 to December 5, 2019, 9:30 to 10:30 am

Gloucester 50+ Centre (For registration please call 613-749-1974)
4355 Halmont Dr. OTTAWA, ON, Canada (613-749-1974)
Presentation: Tuesday September 17, 2019, 9:30 to 10:30 am
Classes: Tuesdays September 24 to October 29, 2019, 9:30 to 10:30 am

Unless it's indicated otherwise, please call us at 613.454.5129, or click on the button below to register. The registration fee is $50.00 + HST for the entire 6-week course including your training license.
Brain Fitness Programs

How long is the course?
It is a 6-week course, one hour per week with instructor onsite and scheduled-supervised training during the week at home or public places with access to internet.

When is the next course?
See schedules on top of this page

How much is the regisration fee?
It is $50.00 + HST for the entire 6-week program.

How can I register myself or someone else?
Please click here for online registration, or call Frieda Fanni at 613-454-5129 to register.

I will be away for a while, are you offering other classes?
Yes, we will continue offering these classes at various locations in Ottawa. Please visit this page for up-to-date locations and schedules, or call Frieda Fanni at 613-454-5129 for more information.

I want to register for the class, but I may miss a couple of sessions, is that okay?
It is okay to miss a session or two as the group will be training based on their strength and individual baselines. We can always schedule some extra hours of training at home and monitor it remotely. However, please try to be present at the first session as we explain brain plasticity and the reasons behind cognitive decline.

What do I need to have in order to register for Brain Fitness or Driving Cognitive Training Classes?
You need to bring your own notebook or tablet such as iPad. You also need to wear headphones or earbuds during the onsite training. Please let us know if you would like to register for the class, but don't have access to a mobile device; we may be able to help.

I am not good with computers, is that okay?
Yes, many users have had no previous experience with computers and they just did fine.

Why is there one session per week on site and the rest of the training at home? Can't I just train at home?
Many of our BrainHQ users directly subscribe to the website and train at home. However, our experience shows that users who train in a group setting benefit noticeably more because of the social element and the group motivation, similar to physical exercise.

Are there any suggested readings before attending the first session?
Yes, the better you understand your brain and its plasticity, you will likely be much more committed to your brain fitness goals. Our website is content-rich, but we encourage you to at least watch and read the following pages:
David Suzuki's CBC documentary on "The Brain That Changes Itself"
What is brain plasticity
How brain training works
About the BrainHQ exercises
Research Studies

How much time should I spend on BrainHQ per week?
It's recommended that you exercise your brain 3 to 5 times per week for between 30 to 60 minutes (90 minutes to 5 hours per week). However, depending on the course or other conditions, we may ask you to train between 2.5 to 5 hours.
Brain exercise is like physical exercise: making real and lasting changes takes effort.

Are we taking any breaks during the class?
Yes and we would also encourage you to take a break during your home training, anytime you feel tired or can't keep focused.

Are the BrainHQ exercises hard to do?
Well, the BrainHQ exercises can become challenging as you progress. Although the front-end is designed to be game-like and very engaging, it can still be challenging at times. Simply put, the exercises won't allow you to stay in your comfort zone because your brain needs to be challenged in a specific way in order to spark the machinery to change and develop new neural pathways. As you get more comfortable with the exercises, the program adjusts, making the stimuli more difficult, but when you make mistakes, it will adjust back - you are expected to make mistakes and everyone else does too!

How is BrainHQ better than playing bridge or doing crossword puzzles?
BrainHQ targets specific aspects of cognitive decline. These exercises require that users 'learn' a key component to drive positive brain plasticity. Most people who decide to engage in a program of cognitive stimulation, using conventionally available materials (e.g., card games, crossword puzzles), pick something that they are already good at. However, developing entirely new skills is much more stimulating to the brain than doing skills the brain already knows. The BrainHQ exercises are designed to give people the brain stimulation equivalent to learning an entirely new skill, (e.g., learning Japanese or playing the saxophone), in a targeted way, in a comparatively short amount of time.

Please check out the following studies on whether crossword puzzles really work:
Brain Fitness Exercise versus Crossword Puzzles
Do Crosswords Work

I have a BrainHQ account now, how should I login and start training?
Go to
Click on LOG IN tab in the black section on top
Enter your email address and password
Once logged in, scroll down and click on PERSONALIZED TRAINING
Start training with the exercises that are offered to you based on instructor's configuraiton and your performance history