Welcome to DynamicBrain, the Canadian Partner of Posit Science Corporation, the leading provider of clinically proven brain fitness programs. We are proud to partner with ZoomerMedia in offering you our fun and interactive brain training programs designed to sharpen your cognitive skills for real-world benefits in everyday life. BrainHQ cognitive training system is the only program that meets the Institute of Medicine's (IoM) requirements for brain training. Learn more.

Why train your brain?

The fitness revolution of the 80s and 90s taught us how important physical exercise is for our overall health and well-being. Brain fitness is simply the next natural step forward in that mindset transformation. Just like your physical body, it is now scientifically proven that the brain can and does change its physical form and function throughout a person's lifespan. This naturally adaptive and organic change is known as brain plasticity.

The suite of BrainHQ cognitive training exercises is supported by clinically proven research from the renowned MAYO CLINIC and over 100 peer-reviewed published studies that demonstrate significant improvements.

Mayo Clinic IMPACT Study and the ACTIVE Study

Memory improved by 10 years

Auditory system improved by 131%

Visual system improved by 300%

Peripheral vision extended by 200%

Car accident risk reduced by 50%

The BrainHQ Six Pillars
Retrain your brain to focus its attention so you feel more aware and less distracted. When you can't remember where you put your keys, You probably weren't paying much attention when you set them down.
Brain Speed
Increase your brain's auditory and visual processing speed. Reacting effectively and remembering events is mainly determined by how quickly your brain can process events around you.
Sharpen the brain's ability to record what you see and hear. Forgetfulness is not your memory failing you but rather your brain not clearly processing information.
Exercise your navigation skills to enjoy visiting a new place, following a map or moving from point A to point B in your daily life.
People Skills
Challenge your brain to remember the faces and names of new people, participate in conversations in loud places and read people's emotions effectively.
Exercise complex thinking and how to quickly manipulate multiple sources of information.
Did you know the brain aging process starts in our 20s?

As we know, everything worthwhile in life begins with that first, small step. Why not get started now on your path towards optimized brain health that costs as little as $10 per month?

None of us can deny that growing older is a normal progression of life. Proactively striving to enrich the quality of our living experience along the way though is entirely a personal choice! Make this choice yours. Your loved ones will thank you for it!

"We have worked hard in our labs and done our share to help people understand their brain and show them how to prevent unnecessary brain aging or fix it before it's too late; beyond this point it's their responsibility to take it, or drop it!" - Dr. Michael Merzenich
BrainHQ Cognitive Training
$10 monthly
On annual subscription
"One day, all of a sudden things clicked. I noticed
that my memory and my hearing were sharper. As
I improved, I wanted to improve more!"
- Merry West, PhD