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Published Date: August 17, 2016

Since July 24th, tens of thousands of people around the globe have searched for and trained on the “Double Decision” exercise from BrainHQ. If you haven’t yet heard about the breaking news announced at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference or would like to try “Double Decision” exercise, please click here to discover why so many people are seeking out and trying it.

I would deeply appreciate it if you could help us spread the exciting news by forwarding this email to your friends and family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about the ACTIVE Study.

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DynamicBrain Inc. is the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation providing brain fitness program BrainHQ in English and French.

Your brain is naturally great at physics
When we think about someone who is good at physics we tend to picture people in white coats working with a particle accelerator or figuring out equations for quantum mechanics. We don’t tend to think that we’re all naturally gifted at instantly calculating complex physics theories, but that’s just what our brain does to navigate the world around us. Learn more about how your brain does this on a daily basis here.

Similar brain structure links autism, ADHD and OCD
In the quest to better diagnose and manage autism spectrum disorders, researchers have found shared genetic roots and brain architecture to other brain disorders. Specifically, neuroscientists have found that patients with autism spectrum disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder all share a disruption within a specific cluster of nerves within the brain. Learn more about the differences and similarities in the patients’ brains here.

How our brains evolved to read
The area of the brain that controls our ability to read is unique to human brains. So, how does this specialized location of our brain develop the proper neuron connections to let us read? Scientists have found that the “reading area” of our brain is seeded with connections that facilitate this unique ability. Learn how we are primed to create our reading brain here.

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Your brain is naturally great at physics
Similar brain structure links autism, ADHD and OCD
How our brains evolved to read
A fit body means a healthy brain
Recipe of the month: Sardine, Chickpea & Celery Salad
Major step taken in battle against Parkinson’s disease
Should you barter or sell?
Are you 50 plus?
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A fit body means a healthy brain
Diet and overall health has a direct impact on our brain’s health. Having a fit and healthy body contributes directly to having a fit and healthy brain. In particular, the white matter in our brains, responsible for long-range connections and linking brain regions, ages at a much faster rate in overweight and obese people. Learn more about this study and what it can mean for your brain’s health here.

Recipe of the month: Sardine, Chickpea & Celery Salad
Sardines are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. They have particularly high concentrations of docosahexaenonic acid (DHA)—the omega-3 that seems to provide the most brain benefits. Studies suggest that increasing your intake of DHA and other omega-3s may provide neuroprotection throughout the lifespan, from the womb to old age. Try it here.

Major step taken in battle against Parkinson’s disease
Neuroscientists have long struggled with how to treat Parkinson’s disease because the area in the brain it affects was incredibly difficult to observe. Researchers have finally been able to systematically record the neural activity in this deep structure of the brain, opening the paths for treatment and prevention wide open. Learn about what they discovered and where this may lead for people living with PD here.

Should you barter or sell?
If you’ve ever had to sell anything, you know how mentally taxing the whole process can be. Part of the reason is that selling things maps to a part of the brain associated with pain and negative emotion. However, trading items does not trigger this area of the brain in the same way. Learn more about how the selling and trading brains differ here.

Are you 50 plus?
Your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when you get behind the wheel of a car. As we age, our reaction times slow down and our field of vision decreases. This means our safety on the road is also reduced. By spending only 10 hours doing the engaging driving cognitive training program you can save your life and the lives of others on the road! Learn more and find out your CRASH RISK now - it's FREE.

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