Summary: Brain Plasticity and Brain Injury

No matter the type of brain injury, scientifically proven brain training exercises like the ones on BrainHQ, can be used as part of the recovery process. There are over a million brain injuries sustained each year in North America, and they are the leading cause of death and disability globally. Whether it’s a concussion from playing sport, a brain injury from a car accident or a stroke, the damage caused to the brain is physical and the recovery process involves physical rehabilitation of both brain and body.


Types of Brain Injury
Brain injury is classified into two major categories: Traumatic brain injury and Acquired brain injury. By looking at the differences between these two categories, our blog also explored how in each case, brain plasticity has become an important tool in helping rewire damaged brains.


Concussion in Sport
The recent plethora of headlines surrounding concussion in professional sport has made the issue central to rule changes aimed at player safety. As our post explored, the changes in on-field assessment show a momentum toward player safety. Also, high-profile cases like Sidney Crosby’s show that effective rewiring of the damaged areas of the brain can be done, in part, through brain training exercises.


Our blog on stroke revealed some fairly sobering statistics, such as how stroke affects women more than men and is the third leading cause of death in North America. Knowing and identifying the signs of stroke are vital for optimal outcomes, as each moment of delay means further damage to the brain.


Brain Plasticity, Recovery and Prevention
In each post of this series we have seen scientific research showing how an increased understanding of neuroplasticity helps in rewiring the functions associated with some damaged locations of the brain, depending on the severity of the injury. We have also seen how using the BrainHQ Driving Cognitive Training can help improve your ability to react safely and quickly to help you avoid the leading cause of brain injury - traffic accidents.


Starting a regimen of physical and brain training exercises is a great first step in avoiding situations that can lead to a brain injury. Why not try some of the free exercises found on BrainHQ today?


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