Summary: Brain Training for Professionals

Whether you are starting a new career as a young adult, switching career streams or have been on a successful career path for some time, taking advantage of the latest scientific studies of brain plasticity can help you accelerate your career to become a top performer. Our recent blog series explored how a few professions require our brains to function in specific ways. In each case having a brain ready to grasp, interpret and recall information quickly and precisely is not just a benefit but a requirement for continued career success.

Workplaces have updated to accommodate a lot of beneficial resources for employees, from gyms to flexible work hours and a multitude of new initiatives in between. All these programs are undertaken in the name of improving employee resiliency, efficiency and happiness—the cornerstones of employee retention. It is now recognized that organizations who want to have leaders in their field working for them, need to offer benefits and programs that increase employee happiness and efficiency. These programs are not always obvious, such as a gym allowing people to work out stress and refocus on a troublesome task. Companies who offer scientifically proven brain training programs such as BrainHQ are setting up their employees for continued success by laying the neurological foundations for faster thinking, quicker problem solving, better organization and stronger social skills. These are the qualities found in career leaders.


Corporate office settings

Regardless of the specific industry or profession, anyone working in an office or responsible for HR is likely aware of the impact multitasking and employee disengagement can have on individuals and teams. Disengaged employees don’t merely affect morale they can hit your bottom line too. Our post explored how offering brain training exercises can help keep employees focused and engaged throughout their career.


Police Officers

In the day-to-day work of a police officer, anything that can improve their safety and the safety of the public is a welcome addition to their toolset. Often finding themselves in stressful situations requiring quick and accurate thinking, police officers need brains that are immediately observing in and storing information accurately. As our post detailed, scientifically proven brain training can noticeably keep officers prepared for these situations.


Elite Athletes

Professional, elite and varsity athletes all spend countless hours being in the peak physical condition for their chosen sport, yet don’t always consider exercising their brain to be ready to perform. Our post sees how brain training can give any athlete an edge over the opposition. It is now accepted to have a regimented workout routine, diet, and psychological training but having a brain reacting quicker than your opposition can be the difference between winning and losing. Being as brain fit as you are physically fit, means your control centre is as well trained as your body.


Teachers, Instructors and Educators

Whether you are teaching kindergarten, post-graduates, or are on the road as a driving instructor, being able to focus when your attention is divided is vital to conveying your lesson. Our post explored the benefits of understanding neuroplasticity as a tool for knowing how people learn. Taking advantage of this knowledge and using brain training allows you to remain focussed on your lesson, remember the details, and recall information correctly and quickly.


If you are in HR, an employee, police officer, an instructor or pro athlete, using the scientifically proven cognitive training programs like BrainHQ improve your ability to succeed. No matter what role you want to play or career path you choose to follow, hacking your brain’s plasticity empowers you in your profession and in your daily life.



DynamicBrain is the Canadian Partner of Posit Science Corporation providing brain fitness program, BrainHQ in English and French.