10 Brain Exercises for Seniors: Exercise #2 Target Tracker

Driving, crossing or walking on crowded, busy streets can be stressful at the best of times. All of the surrounding activities, from other drivers to pedestrians trying to cross the street to cyclists pedalling beside cars, can quickly become overwhelming, particularly as we age. The same can be said when you are playing or watching sports. Do you feel like you’re constantly losing sight of the puck, can’t track the ball or follow the action? Then this second of our 10 brain exercises for seniors can help you improve your visual alertness on the field, court or busy streets.

A few things are responsible for making it hard to focus on multiple moving objects at once as we age.

Your brain is processing a lot of information every time you look around (colour, contrast, movement, and depth are just a few), so having a brain ready to “see” is as important as having good eyesight. As soon as light hits our retinas, this information travels through our neuronetwork to be processed by brain’s visual system (Occipital lobes), and interpreted correctly. Our brains are trying to divide our attention to track all this action as well as filter out anything that is not relevant.

The BrainHQ exercise, Target Tracker, has been designed to extend your useful field of view so that you see more at a glance, and to help you focus in busy situations. This exercise helps improve your brain’s ability to track multiple moving objects at once by dividing your attention more effectively. Improving your brain’s ability to correctly identify, process and follow a lot of activity at the same time can help keep you safe and more involved in any fast moving situation.

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