March 2016 - Discover and learn about brain functions, along with the latest news on brain plasticity and research!
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Author: DynamicBrain Inc.
Publication: Monthly Newsletter
Published Date: March 15, 2016

Did you know that BrainHQ is the only program that meets the Institute of Medicine’s (IoM) requirements for brain training? That's right, we meet the IoM’s five-item checklist. Learn more about it here and take advantage of our free Daily Spark exercises to give your brain a quick workout. Please feel free to share.

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DynamicBrain Inc. is the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation providing brain fitness program BrainHQ in English and French.

Get a head start on motivating yourself
The hardest part of a new gym membership or starting a lifestyle change like adopting a heart-healthy diet is to simply begin the new routine. Researchers using fMRIs to focus on the area of our brains responsible for motivation found some surprisingly simple tricks to help us train this part of the brain. By using some visualization techniques with feedback mechanisms they found we can hack our brain’s ability to motivate us. Read about their research here.

Potential early detection for Alzheimer’s disease
Currently, a definitive diagnosis for Alzheimer’s can only be made during autopsy of a patient. Doctors are limited to making a probable diagnoses based on behaviours, observation and a few other factors presenting in a patient. A new study using brain scans has successfully tracked the development of the disease in adults with no previous symptoms. Discover how this research may lead to early detection and treatment, here.

Are male and female brains different – what is the verdict?
If you go see a stand-up comedian or watch any number of sitcoms, you’ll likely see a lot of jokes about the differences in how men and women see and interpret the world around them. Countless best selling books explore these differences to try and help readers understand one another. But, when you actually get down to the chemical and anatomical structures of our brains are there any actual differences? See if researchers came to any conclusions here.

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Get a head start on motivating yourself
Potential early detection for Alzheimer’s disease
Are male and female brains different – what is the verdict?
Lebanese Turmeric Cake
A resting body has a speeding brain
Attention Dog lovers!
Are we one step closer to being living computers?
Are you 50 plus?
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Lebanese Turmeric Cake
Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin, which has been shown to have significant neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-Alzheimer’s effects. Studies have shown that even relatively infrequent consumption of curcumin may be highly effective in reducing the physical plaques that accompany Alzheimer’s disease. The turmeric and almonds in this recipe add an unusual brain boosting combination.

A resting body has a speeding brain
Did you have a good night sleep? We’ve long known about the positive health effects of sleeping well and that our brains remain active while we’re at rest. Well, it turns out that your brain isn’t just consolidating what you learned during the day, but actually replaying your day on fast-forward. Learn about this process here, so you can reactivate it tonight while you sleep?

Attention Dog lovers!
Dog’s are constantly called “man’s best friend” without a second thought. There is a very long history of people domesticating dogs with proof going as far back as 26,000 years ago in the Chauvet cave where there are footprints of a boy exploring with his dog at his side. Scientists have now mapped the parts of a dog’s brain that processes human faces and they have made some interesting observations. Discover what they found here.

Are we one step closer to being living computers?
The idea of uploading new knowledge and skills directly into your brain like you’re in The Matrix movies is now closer than ever. While we don’t have the advanced software to do this instantly, researchers have measured electric brain signals and used brain stimulation to help subjects learn a new skill 33% quicker than a control group. Find out when we can enter The Matrix here.

Are you 50 plus?
Your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when you get behind the wheel of a car. As we age, our reaction times slow down and our field of vision decreases. This means our safety on the road is also reduced. By spending only 10 hours doing the engaging driving cognitive training program you can save your life and the lives of others on the road! Learn more and find out your CRASH RISK now - it's FREE.

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