May 2016 - Discover and learn about brain functions, along with the latest news on brain plasticity and research!
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Author: DynamicBrain Inc.
Publication: Monthly Newsletter
Published Date: May 15, 2016

I would like to share with you a few short lines from our Dr. Merzenich. It seems a short quotation but the implications can be big if you follow it by making small changes to your regular routines be it taking a different route when driving to a friend’s house or actively paying attention to your body movements during your daily walk, run or bike ride.

"You would never exercise your brain by solving the same problem a million times using exactly the same approach to come up with exactly the same answer…"

Our free BrainHQ Daily Spark exercises can be helpful too. Give it a try and let us know if we can help any further.

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DynamicBrain Inc. is the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation providing brain fitness program BrainHQ in English and French.

Playground concussions are preventable
Keeping your kids safe as they explore the world around them is a top concern for any parent. Bumps and bruises sustained at the playground are a natural part of growing up, and while there has been significant improvement in the safety of playground equipment, head trauma cases are on the rise. Adult supervision is still the key to help protect these growing brains and bodies. Read more here.

Dementia trigger found in the brain’s immune system
Researchers and doctors are constantly on the search for a better understanding on the causes of dementia as they develop more effective treatments. A recent study has identified a malfunction in the brain’s immune system of patients as a potential trigger for neurodegenerative disease. Could early detection of a defect in the immune cells of the brain be the key that unlocks an eventual cure? Find out more about this study and the implications on dementia patients here.

Improving cognition in MS patients
Some of the more common problems that people with MS suffer from are having difficulties with attention, information processing, finding the right words and memory. Researchers at NYU recently conducted a study on using home brain training programs against a placebo program and recorded an impressive 29% improvement in the cognitive skills of participants. They used our BrainHQ cognitive training program in their research. Read more about the study here and please share if you know someone suffering from MS.

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Playground concussions are preventable
Dementia trigger found in the brain’s immune system
Improving cognition in MS patients
Can’t sleep on the first night in a new place? Here is why!
BrainHQ shows positive results for children with ADHD
Does our brain filter out more than sensory information?
Recipe of the month: Arctic Char with Yogurt Sauce
Are you 50 plus?
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Can’t sleep on the first night in a new place? Here is why!
One of the side effects of travelling is something called “first night syndrome” where you toss and turn all night no matter how exhausted you are. It turns out that your brain is acting much like a dolphin’s. Dolphins sleep on the move and rest one part of their brain at a time, and being in a new location has your brain keeping tabs your surroundings more than normal. Read about the specifics here.

BrainHQ shows positive results for children with ADHD
A lot of parents with children diagnosed with ADHD struggle to keep up with the many treatment options. Researchers from Posit Science conducted a six-month study for children with ADHD using the BrainHQ training program and have discovered positive outcomes on improving the suppression of distractions. The outcomes of this research are significant in terms of complementary therapy for ADHD patients. Discover more of their results here.

Does our brain filter out more than sensory information?
Our brains are great at filtering out irrelevant information throughout the day in order to keep us from being overwhelmed. However, could these same filtering mechanisms also be keeping us from reaching a higher consciousness? There have been a lot of reports of people claiming to perceive things that should be impossible, such as near death experiences witnessing things outside of their senses. Read more about this possible awareness here.

Recipe of the month: Arctic Char with Yogurt Sauce
Cold water fish are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids and one of the best proven dietary sources for a healthy brain. They have particularly high concentrations of docosahexaenonic acid (DHA) — the omega-3 that seems to provide the most brain benefits. Arctic Char is a fish that falls somewhere between salmon and trout in both flavor and texture, and it's a terrific source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Try it here.

Are you 50 plus?
Your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when you get behind the wheel of a car. As we age, our reaction times slow down and our field of vision decreases. This means our safety on the road is also reduced. By spending only 10 hours doing the engaging driving cognitive training program you can save your life and the lives of others on the road! Learn more and find out your CRASH RISK now - it's FREE.

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