January 2019 - Discover and learn about brain functions, along with the latest news on brain plasticity and research!
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Published Date: January 16, 2019

Happy 2019! It’s a brand new year, and perhaps time for some new resolutions too. Sadly, statistics indicate that around 80% of people will abandon their resolutions just a few months after starting them. If you are among the 20% - keep it up! We hope that maintaining a healthy brain is among your resolutions for the new year.

If you need a little inspiration, try listening to Dr. Merzenich’s podcast, which details what happens in the brain and how to strengthen the elements involved that help you keep your resolutions.

We hope you devote time to your brain health in 2019 and start your workout with our Daily Spark!

PS – You might have received an email about our new version of BrainHQ. If you are one of our Brain Fitness class users, please ignore the new version until further notice and continue with your existing customized training using the Personal Trainer.

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How race plays a role in Alzheimer’s
Up to this point, Alzheimer’s research has focused mostly on Caucasians. Fascinating new research indicates that the process leading to dementia may be different in African-Americans. This finding would affect how the disease is currently diagnosed, and it suggests that more research with diverse groups of people is needed to make diagnosis more accurate and successful. Read more here.

Cultivating compassion – practice makes perfect
Empathy and compassion are important life skills that every parent hopes to instil in their child. Neuroscience shows that the neural pathways used frequently during childhood are most likely to be carried into adulthood. For parents and grandparents, caregivers and teachers, it’s important to know that empathy is something that can be cultivated, helping raise children who have compassion for others. Find the full article here.

“Of mice and men”
It is well known that there is a critical period in young mammals during which their brains are particularly plastic, but could it be possible to restore this plasticity in an older brain? A promising study has found that it is possible to increase brain plasticity in adult mice by targeting specific areas of the brain. While more research is needed, this finding could open the path to a greater understanding of conditions such as strokes and autism. Find out more here.


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How race plays a role in Alzheimer’s
Cultivating compassion – practice makes perfect
“Of mice and men”
Could bullying affect your brain structure?
New research could help you kick the habit
Your Brain Holds the Key to Safer Driving!
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Studies on clinical conditions for researchers

2016 Alzheimer’s Conference announcement

ACTIVE Study Published - Brain Training and Dementia

Healthy Aging

Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment

Cognitive Impairment due to Heart Failure

Fall Risk and Mobility

The IMPACT Study

The ACTIVE Study

The IHAMS Study

Could bullying affect your brain structure?
Around one in three students in Canada and the United States report that they are bullied in school, and with cyberbullying on the rise, it is more important than ever that we stamp out bullying. Research now suggests that bullying could lead to actual physical changes in the brain. Scientists have found that teenagers who experienced chronic bullying showed structural changes in an area of the brain. Learn more here.

New research could help you kick the habit
Around three billion people smoke or drink worldwide; new research has identified areas of the brain that are key in learning more about smoking and drinking. This research has identified what causes the differing tendencies to smoke or to drink, and could be instrumental in helping people kick the habit. Read more here.

Your Brain Holds the Key to Safer Driving!
Your brain is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment when you get behind the wheel of a car. As we age, our reaction times slow down and our field of vision decreases. This means our safety on the road is also reduced. By spending only 10 hours doing the engaging driving cognitive training program you can save your life and the lives of others on the road! Learn more and try an exercise.

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