The ACTIVE cognitive training trial and predicted medical expenditures

Publication:  BMC Health Services Research
Lab/University:  Iowa City Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Posit Science
Author:  Wolinsky FD, Mahncke HW, Kosinski M, Unverzagt FW, Smith DM, Jones RN, Stoddard A, Tennstedt SL.

Health care expenditures for older adults are disproportionately high and increasing at both the individual and population levels. This study evaluated the effects of three different cognitive training interventions on changes in predicted medical care expenditures. in 1804 adults 65 and older, the participants who trained with Posit Science programs showed an average decline in medical expenditures of $223 after 1 year and $128 after 5 years. Neither the other 2 active groups nor the control group showed statistically significant declines in medical expenditures.