DynamicBrain Launches BrainHQ in French

Posit Science and DynamicBrain Announce Release of BrainHQ in French

Author: DynamicBrain Inc.
Publication: Press Release
Published Date: Monday, December 2, 2013

DynamicBrain Inc., the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation, announced today the launch of BrainHQ for French speaking Canadians. BrainHQ, a product of Posit Science, was developed by a global team of over 50 scientists under the supervision of Dr. Michael Merzenich, a leading pioneer in brain plasticity research for more than three decades. BrainHQ exercises have been the subject of multiple independent university-based studies resulting in over 70 published articles in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating a broad array of cognitive benefits. These benefits include gains in memory, attention and processing speed, as well as in multiple standard measures of quality of life.

DynamicBrain Inc. Launches BrainHQ in French -- OTTAWA, ONATRIO (www.dynamicbrain.ca/fr), December 2, 2013.

“We are excited about the launch of BrainHQ in French by our Canadian partner DynamicBrain,” said Henry Mahncke, PhD, CEO of Posit Science. “Our goals are to extend the benefits of our brain exercises to a wider audience and to make brain training a routine – something as common and useful as brushing your teeth which people do every day for long-term health."

BrainHQ exercises are designed and developed using a patented bottom-up approach. The exercises improve brain function at its root resulting in improved attention, memory, executive function and more. BrainHQ uses intelligent algorithms that constantly adjust to individual performance so that each user has a tailored journey through the stimuli. In studies, this approach has been shown to generalize benefits from the elemental skills practiced in the exercises to significant improvements in everyday activities.

“We launched the English version of BrainHQ in November 2012 and have been thrilled to see tens of thousands of Canadians using it every day!” said Frieda Fanni, President of DynamicBrain Inc., “Aside from individual users accessing the program online from home or office, we are offering BrainHQ through public Brain Gyms, retirement residences and community centres as well as through partnerships with various organizations and health institutions.”

Canadians are discerning and need to be convinced that a solution actually works. “They often ask us for evidence that BrainHQ will create results; and that’s where our large independent studies and peer-reviewed published papers help them sift through the clutter.” said Ms. Fanni. “Not only does BrainHQ have a strong scientific backing, but it also provides a fun and interactive interface that offers 90 second exercises to seamlessly integrate into the busy lives of Canadians.”

Some of the BrainHQ exercises are offered for free in order to allow Canadians to get hands-on experience before gaining full access to the program ($8 per month on annual basis or $14 on monthly basis). For a free trial visit www.dynamicbrain-fr.brainhq.com.

"We've seen these exercises help people across the population," said Dr. Mahncke. "Whether it's a young Wall Street trader looking for an edge or an older diner trying to follow a conversation in a noisy restaurant, a 75-year-old behind the wheel of a car, a soccer Mom juggling appointments, or a soldier or an athlete wanting to be their best... the BrainHQ exercises are proven to increase processing speed and sharpen the brain."

BrainHQ has been launched in French with 12 exercises and more will be released on a regular basis. “Some auditory exercises will require lab work and stimulus adaptation to French-specific sounds which is being researched by Posit Science and will be released upon completion.” said Frieda Fanni.

"BrainHQ advances our mission of getting the science out of the lab and into the hands of people around the world,” said renowned neuroscientist, Michael Merzenich, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Posit Science and professor emeritus of the University of California San Francisco. “This is medicine, it changes the brain physically, chemically and functionally!”

About DynamicBrain

DynamicBrain is the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation, providing Canadians with a gateway to access brain training programs that seamlessly blend entertainment, science and technology to improve a person’s quality of life through six key pillars: Attention, Memory, Brain Speed, Navigation, People Skills, and Intelligence. DynamicBrain is passionate about health and new forms of cognitive training with a current focus on educating the public on the miracle of brain training and the importance of improving your brain’s fitness as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Backed by the scientific efforts of Posit Science, DynamicBrain has been able to make clinically proven brain training programs available to Canadians of all ages.

About Posit Science

Posit Science is the leading provider of clinically proven brain fitness training. Its exercises, available online in Canada at (www.DynamicBrain.BrainHQ.com) and (www.DynamicBrain-FR.BrainHQ.com) , have been shown to significantly improve brain speed, attention, memory and numerous standard measures of quality of life in multiple studies published in more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in leading science and medical journals. Three public television documentaries as well as numerous stories on news programs, in national magazines, and in major newspapers have featured Posit Science’s work. The company’s science team is led by renowned neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, PhD.


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