DynamicBrain Launches BrainHQ

DynamicBrain Announces Partnership with Posit Science Corporation, Launches BrainHQ.

Author: DynamicBrain Inc.
Publication: Press Release
Published Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brain training pioneers, DynamicBrain and Posit Science have teamed up together in Canada to make fun and interactive brain training programs from BrainHQ available to Canadians of all ages. The online exercises are the result of extensive scientific research that has tailored the innovative software to provide substantial benefits to brain health and performance.

DynamicBrain and Posit Science Bring Online Brain Fitness Boot Camps to Canada -- Ottawa, Ontario (www.dynamicbrain.ca) 29, November, 2012

DynamicBrain announced today that they have partnered with brain training industry leader, Posit Science, to give Canadians of all ages access to fun and engaging online exercises that are scientifically designed to boost your productivity, mental awareness, memory, and processing speed through the BrainHQ online training portal.

The brain training program that has already delivered proven results has a strong scientific backing, provides a fun and interactive interface that is customizable for all age groups, and offers 90 second exercises to seamlessly integrate into your busy daily life. Furthermore, brain trainees have the ability to exercise anywhere and anytime including with friends, family, and co-workers – thanks to the integrated social features.

"We spent the last eight years showing through rigorous scientific studies that we can build brain training exercises that improve cognitive performance," said Henry Mahncke, PhD, CEO of Posit Science. "With BrainHQ, we're making these exercises available to a much wider audience, with new game-like and social features, as well as a number of exercises that are free to use. Our goal is to make brain training as common and useful as brushing your teeth -- something everyone does every day for long-term health."

With the arrival of the holidays, many health-conscious Canadians are watching what they eat to keep the holiday pounds off. The founder and president of DynamicBrain, Frieda Fanni, says “This is the time to start considering your mental fitness in addition to your physical fitness. To help all Canadians stay in peak mental condition and contribute to a healthy community, DynamicBrain will be donating 10% of all sales until Christmas to a charity supporting our vision of a healthy life - consisting of a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

For a fraction of the price of a coffee a day you will be able to stay sharp and keep your brain running in peak condition. Available for only $10/month, online brain training is an investment that every Canadian should make to improve their overall health and well-being. Online brain training produces benefits that will improve your brain speed, memory and focus, navigation, intelligence, people skills, and your attention. You will be able to enjoy a better quality of life, increase your productivity and even live longer with these scientifically proven brain training exercises.

Several tools are completely free of charge to BrainHQ users including core exercises, the friend network, and much of the informational content. "We want to make these proven brain exercises easy to try, easy to share, and easy to keep using, so we made a core set available to absolutely everyone," said Dr. Mahncke. For more complete training, members can access a full array of exercises for just $10 per month or $99 per year.

About DynamicBrain and Posit Science

Already recognized by trusted scientists, doctors, and worldwide opinion leaders, cognitive training exercises are rapidly being incorporated into organizations around the world for enhancing employees’ cognitive functions which leads to an increase in productivity – following the benefits that were realized by adding physical gyms to workplaces. DynamicBrain and Posit Science are paving the way in this relatively new industry with state-of-the-art brain training exercises that will have you breaking a mental sweat.

DynamicBrain, the Canadian partner of Posit Science Corporation, is the leading gateway to online brain training programs that are designed to improve your brain and your life through strategic tools that have been developed by a strong scientific backing and research. BrainHQ, the next generation of Posit Science’s brain fitness programs will make you cognitively fit, regardless of your age. For more information please visit www.dynamicbrain.ca.

BrainHQ will also be available in French language as of September 2013.


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