Research into Specific Health Conditions

Many people have asked us, "Will Posit Science training program, BrainHQ, help with my specific health condition?" Our brain training exercises can help with some health conditions specifically the issues that affect brain function. Below, you can learn about how our brain training exercises help with health conditions, scientific evidence and our customer stories.


  • Traumatic Brain Injury
    Learn about the latest research and what works best to combat the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries that affect millions of individuals around the world every year.
  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
    Learn about various causes of dementia, how it relates to Alzheimer's Disease, and how our BrainHQ exercises can help.
  • Chemobrain
    Find out how cancer survivors with memory loss and other cognitive issues have been helped with our brain training exercises.
  • HIV-Related Cognitive Decline
    There is a strong correlation between declining brain performance and HIV infection. Find out more about HIV patients and our brain training exercises.
  • Cognitive Impairment due to Heart Failure
    Many people don't realize that a common side effect of chronic heart failure (CHF) is a decline in cognitive performance. Learn more about it and discover what research has been done with our exercises with heart failure.
  • Visual Disturbances and Impairment
    Visual impairment is a common issue for people with neurodegenerative diseases or brain injuries. Learn more about the causes of visual disturbances and how BrainHQ has been proven to help improve such impairments.