Does Cognitive Training Improve Internal Locus of Control Among Older Adults?

Publication: Journals of Gerontology
Lab/University: University of Iowa, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Posit Science
Author: Wolinsky FD, Vander Weg MW, Martin R, Unverzagt FW, Willis SL, Marsiske M, Rebok GW, Morris JN, Ball KK, Tennstedt SL.

This study evaluated the effects of 3 different types cognitive training among 1,534 participants on 5-year improvements in 3 cognitive-specific measures of locus of control. The group who trained on Posit Science programs reflected improvements in internal locus of control between baseline and the 5-year follow-up. The researchers concluded that older adults who complete correctly calibrated cognitive training can improve the cognitive-specific sense of personal control over one's life, even at the 5-year mark.