Brain Training and the Workplace

Our latest blog series is going to look at how our brains are engaged in our day-to-day jobs, and how brain training can help anyone, particularly aging employees, maintain the mental sharpness required for their chosen field. Different professions will engage specific neuropathways more often than others, so we will look at some of the differences amongst professions like police officers, professional athletes, factory workers, students as well as exploring how aging affects our brains in a connected workplace.

Each of these professions makes specific demands on our brains, from having a very precise short-term memory to quick visual assessment to being able to concentrate on specific tasks. We’ll not only explore the differences but look at how targeted brain training exercises help to maintain and improve those specific cognitive functions.

Physical and cognitive fitness

Employers have long known that encouraging physical fitness in employees plays a part in cultivating an effective worker. This has led to many employers making membership agreements with local gyms available to their employees or even installing their own gyms in the workplace. Keeping someone physically fit, means they are more physically capable of maintaining a longer career; and, the time spent focusing on themselves helps employees refocus on tasks at work.

Savvy businesses are now learning that specific science-based brain training exercises such as BrainHQ are also a necessity to improving and prolonging an employee’s work life. The benefits to mental fitness are just as profound as physical fitness in terms of maintaining focus, mental sharpness and memory. By making cognitive training and brain exercises available to employees, businesses are ensuring organizational resilience.

So, if you are a Human Resources specialist, looking to find ways to help your employees feel less distracted; or, if you’re simply worried about keeping up with the speed of the modern workplace, you should find this series of blog posts incredibly valuable. Keep an eye on our blog section for the next few weeks as we explore this topic further.


DynamicBrain Inc. is the Canadian Partner of Posit Science Corporation providing brain fitness program, BrainHQ in English and French.