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Return Al Timchuk
Al Timchuk

The training has been a journey and definitely a huge sense of accomplishment once completed.

The challenge becomes how would it ever be possible to dedicate the time required to complete all the modules that represents roughly 70-80hrs of commitment.  The answer is really simply…JUST DO IT! What worked best for me was setting the alarm clock an hour earlier in the morning and completing the daily training before my hectic daily routine would begin.  Secondly, working with a partner (buddy system) was key as it became a joint commitment that kept both of us on track to complete the program.  Just like working out, it is difficult in the beginning but who doesn’t feel better after a good workout?

The program benefits I believe have come in many different forms:

 1)   I am definitely more cognizant of the environment around me and now realize all the little things I may have overlooked in the past. Conversation details, colours, landscape details, various object details, traffic situations, sporting event details, etc.

2)   I am able to look at a variety of items or understand more complex situations and rationalize an outcome  much quicker than before.

3) My ability to cope with stress / adversity seems much more under control and definitely a welcomed asset to my personal and professional environments.

4)  My overall spirit and enthusiasm for “anything is possible” has increased as well.

5) Finally, I am very encouraged that the overall program benefits will continue to surface over the coming years and without a doubt feel the investment of time was well worth the effort.

 I would highly recommend this training program to anyone that is truly interested in brain development and creating an overall lifestyle improvement. JUST DO IT!