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Arthur Marquis

When Arthur Marquis retired from the Department of Justice, he saw it as a new beginning, not an end. With the help of Posit Science, he has learned another language and enriched his worldview through cultural experience.

“At my retirement party I said, ‘one of my goals is to see the world differently,’” said the 61-year-old. “I had never learned a foreign language although I had taken some French in junior high school.” Arthur has never had a problem remembering things, he said, but he struggled with distinguishing the subtle accents and tones that make French such a tough language to pick up. That is, until he started developing his cognitive hearing skills with the Brain Fitness Program.

“When I would listen to French TV or podcasts, it would just be this mishmash of sounds. It was very frustrating for me,” he said. “Now when I listen to that stuff, I hear the distinct words. And that’s a great feeling too, because although I may not know a specific word, I can go back and look it up later.” Since then, Arthur has gone to a French-speaking country every year to spend a few weeks taking classes and immersing himself in the language. So far he’s been to Paris and Marseilles in France and Montreux in Switzerland, and he plans on going to Montreal next time.

“The Brain Fitness Program is like anything that’s worthwhile: it’s a lot of work. It’s like climbing a mountain: It’s a challenge, but you feel such a sense of satisfaction when you finish it. And that feeling of satisfaction really adds to your confidence. You think ‘hey, I can go out and do more.’”