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Charlene Truitt

66-year-old Charline Truitt has used both the Brain Fitness Program for auditory processing and InSight for visual processing. When asked about her experience with this Brain Fitness Program, Charline responded: "It actually helped my brain hear things better. I don't have garbled words come across to me anymore. If someone is talking directly to me, I can hear them. And I know that that came from the Brain Fitness Program. It's like a gift of hearing being given back to me." These changes have even helped Charline in her work. As she wrote to us, “My work requires a lot of focus and memory to complete the work. I was interested in the program due to a perceived hearing loss that was troubling me. After using the program, I can not only hear better but hear more completely. The positive effects extend to daily activities and interactions with my employees as I am more patient and willing to hear a problem through.” Her husband Dan, who works with her, noticed, too. “Now, she's a lot more aware of what I do – like the contributions I make for our business to succeed,” he says. “It's brought us closer together I think.”

After using the Brain Fitness Program, Charline used InSight. “I love the vision-based program,” she reported. “You don’t notice the nuances of sight or that you’ve lost them. InSight literally opens your eyes. It has absolutely improved my vision, especially peripheral vision. I really notice it when I’m driving. I see things I didn’t see before, like a car coming up.”

How does Charline sum up her experience with brain fitness training? "Go for it,” she advises. “It's absolutely amazing. Don't hesitate. You wouldn't hesitate to go do something at the gym. Well, take the same effort, take the same quality of time, and improve your brain. You 'll really love it."