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Merry West

A Professor Emeritus with a PhD in Psychology, Merry West understands why people think, act and feel the way they do. She also knows about the neural processes in the brain that affect how we function.

Even so, over time Merry noticed that her memory was not as sharp as it had once been and her hearing was not quite as acute. She was eager to find a solution that would help her restore these functions.

Enter the Brain Fitness Program After reading about the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program™ in the newspaper, Merry decided to give it a try. The Program became part of her daily routine. Merry regularly used the program in the morning after pouring herself a cup a coffee. She also incorporated many of the “Brain Fitness Tips” featured on the Cognitive Club website into her daily life.

The Professor Reborn
“One day, all of a sudden things clicked. I noticed that my memory and my hearing were sharper,” Merry says. “As I improved, I wanted to improve more!”

As her hearing came back, joy from her long-time passion of attending the symphony was rekindled. Once again a frequent patron of the San Francisco Symphony, Merry now finds that notes which use to sound flat and obscure are now rich and vibrant. “My love of the symphony has been restored!”

Merry’s children have recognized the change in their mom as well. “My daughter is overjoyed by the improvement that she sees in me.”

“This program has changed my life,” Merry concludes. “I am at a whole new level of thinking and I absolutely love it! I don’t think I have ever been happier. And the effect has lasted!”