Speed of processing training protects self-rated health in older adults: enduring effects observed in the multi-site ACTIVE randomized controlled trial

Publication:  International Psychogeriatrics
Lab/University:  University of Iowa, Posit Science, Indiana University, University of Alabama, Hebrew Senior Life (Boston, MA), New England Research Institutes (Boston, MA), Posit Science
Author:  Wolinsky FD, Mahncke HW, Vander Weg MW, Martin R, Unverzagt FW, Ball KK, Jones RN, Tennstedt SL

A recent independent study from the ACTIVE Group looked at 1,804 healthy older adults five years after they had just 10 hours of training. They found that the technology in Posit Science’s InSight brain fitness program contributes to better overall health and may even help people live longer. Researchers found a significant difference in overall health and calculated that this difference should reduce their mortality rate by 0.8 percent.