World Class Science

At DynamicBrain we pride ourselves on sharing only the best scientifically designed brain fitness exercises with Canadians. Through our partnership with Posit Science we are able to provide scientifically designed brain training that has been clinically proven at top institutions around the world.

In fact, Posit Science has a substantial number of both published and in-progress studies that speak to the real world results of the BrainHQ brain training exercises and technologies. This success has been accomplished through the incredible contributions of scientists from around the world who have provided their insight in order to create a truly unique and rigorously tested brain fitness program.

Learn about the global BrainHQ science team and the peer-reviewed research that have all contributed to the creation of our world-class brain fitness program:

  • BrainHQ’s Brain Research Pioneer, Dr. Michael Merzenich
    Learn more about Dr. Michael Merzenich the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Posit Science.
  • Scientific Studies Behind BrainHQ
    Review the science and peer-reviewed research that demonstrate why brain fitness exercises created by Posit Science really work.
  • Experts Who Conduct BrainHQ Research
    Review a list of the remarkable scientists and partners who have completed successful research or who are currently conducting research to demonstrate the tremendous results of BrainHQ exercises.
  • Scientists Who Contributed to BrainHQ
    Learn about the dozens of scientists working in the fields of neuroscience, vision, hearing, learning, perception, virtual reality, and more who contributed to the research and design behind the BrainHQ brain fitness program.