Medical Costs

Published Research on Whether BrainHQ Use Affects Medical Costs

If better cognitive health can affect many aspects of safety and well-being, it might save money in healthcare costs. Two scientific articles have now suggested that BrainHQ training can do just that.


  • The large-scale and prestigious ACTIVE study showed that medical expenditures declined by $223 one year after training, and $128 per year five years after training for people who trained with BrainHQ. The costs for people who used two other types of cognitive training—a memory training program and a reasoning training program not associated with BrainHQ—did not decline.
  • A pilot study showed that costs of hospitalizations and tests among heart failure patients who used a set of BrainHQ exercises were lower than for those who participated in a health education program instead.


Information and citations for studies showing how BrainHQ training affects medical costs

“The ACTIVE cognitive training trial and predicted medical expenditures”

Published in: BMC Health Services Research
Lead Author: Fredric D. Wolinsky, PhD, University of Iowa
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“Healthcare resource use among heart failure patients in a randomized pilot study of a cognitive training intervention”
Published in: Heart and Lung
Lead Author: Susan J. Pressler, PhD, RN, University of Michigan
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