10 Brain Exercises for Seniors: Exercise #3 Syllable Stacks

Have you ever found yourself chatting with someone you just met only to forget his or her name when a third party asks for an introduction? Or, have you started telling an anecdote then realize you don’t remember where you were going with the story, or, perhaps you were in the middle of dialling a phone number to suddenly go blank on the final few numbers immediately after you looked them up?  Read more.

10 Brain Exercises for Seniors: Exercise #2 Target Tracker

Driving, crossing or walking on crowded, busy streets can be stressful at the best of times. All of the surrounding activities, from other drivers to pedestrians trying to cross the street to cyclists pedalling beside cars, can quickly become overwhelming, particularly as we age. The same can be said when you are playing or watching sports. Do you feel like you’re constantly losing sight of the puck, can’t track the ball or follow the action? Then this second of our 10 brain exercises for seniors can help you improve your visual alertness on the field, court or busy streets.  Read more.

10 Brain Exercises for Seniors: Exercise #1 Sound Sweeps

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at a family or social event reuniting with people you haven’t seen in some time and you are generally enjoying all the fun. A conversation starts up but all the noise and hubbub becomes too distracting and you begin to miss parts of what is being said. You try to follow along as best as you can but no matter how hard you try, you are feeling left out.  Read more.

Your Brain Loves Music Too!

Did you know that listening to music and playing an instrument is a great way to maintain your brain health? Our brains begin the aging process in our twenties and there is a natural cognitive shift as we continue to age. However, our brains are very plastic in nature, meaning that there are physical changes that help us learn new tasks and that help keep our billions of neurons in shape at any age. This malleability is what allows us to learn the lyrics to a new song or to learn how to play a new instrument at any time in our lives. Our brains physically, chemically and functionally adapt to these new demands. Read more.

Summary: Brain Training for Professionals

Whether you are starting a new career as a young adult, switching career streams or have been on a successful career path for some time, taking advantage of the latest scientific studies of brain plasticity can help you accelerate your career to become a top performer. Read more.

Teachers, Instructors and Educators Benefit From Brain Training

Anyone who has spent any time in charge of a classroom knows how easy it is to have your attention split into a million directions at once - from keeping kindergarteners from painting each other to keeping middle school and high school students from texting one another, it is easy to split your focus and lose your grip on the lesson you are trying to impart. Read more.

Athletes: Achieve Peak Performance with Disciplined Brain Training!

No matter what sport you play, your brain needs to be wired for alertness, quicker reflexes, rapid decision making, better peripheral vision, solid balance and precise recall. Being aware of your position in relation to others is what helps you execute a winning game plan as well as to help you avoid injury. Read more.

Brain Training Improves Police Officers Performance

Working to help improve officers’ ability to think faster, and, react quicker and more appropriately to situations has become a goal of many departments. Having the right arsenal of tools at hand is critical, whether that’s hardware or a brain that’s properly trained to make quick decisions and remember more accurately. Read more.

Corporate Cognitive Training

Today’s workplace is no longer limited to an office or cubicle.  With smartphones and cloud-based computing it’s become much more difficult to leave work at the office. And that, along with other elements, has an effect on our lives and our brains. Read more.

Brain Training and the Workplace

Employers have long known that encouraging physical fitness in employees plays a part in cultivating an effective worker. This has led to many employers making membership agreements with local gyms available to their employees or even installing their own gyms in the workplace. Read more.

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