The Science: Studies & Clinical Trials

One of the most important factors to help Canadians choose the right brain fitness program should be whether or not the program actually works! But how can you know?

First of all it is important to determine that the brain-training program has been built on scientifically proven principles with insight from top science advisors in relevant fields of study including neuroscience, vision, hearing, learning, and perception.

Secondly, it is critical that the program be tested in well-run clinical trials that merit inclusion in peer-reviewed science journals. Without the review of results by qualified peers and the sharing of these results through highly regarded sources, the brain fitness program’s legitimacy would be in question.

At DynamicBrain, we can confidently tell Canadians that our BrainHQ brain training program has been tested directly in over 100 peer-reviewed studies with results published in well-respected science journals. There are also many more studies in progress that we are confident will continue to validate the effectiveness of our brain fitness program!

Below you will find a few of the key studies that have been completed concerning the effectiveness of our brain fitness program:


  • The Landmark “IMPACT” Study
    Learn about the results of the IMPACT study led by distinguished scientists from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Southern California. The IMPACT study proves that proper use of BrainHQ’s auditory exercises can significantly improve auditory memory by an average of 10+ years.
  • The Groundbreaking “ACTIVE” Study
    Learn about the results of the largest study of cognitive training ever performed. The ACTIVE study demonstrates that BrainHQ provides superior cognitive improvements within the visual system compared to other types of cognitive exercise.
  • The Crossword Puzzle Comparison “IHAMS” Study
    Learn about the results of the first-ever study comparing brain training against popular brain improvement exercises like crossword puzzles. The IHAMS study demonstrates substantial gains using BrainHQ over crossword puzzles.
  • Published Scientific Studies Demonstrating BrainHQ Benefits
    Review the more than 100 peer-reviewed studies conducted on the exercise technologies in BrainHQ which all demonstrate the improvements in auditory and visual memories, improvement in driving skills and safety, faster brain speed and much more.
  • In-Progress Research Studies on BrainHQ
    Learn about our ongoing research studies on BrainHQ ‘s effects in several conditions including schizophrenia, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, PTSD and many more.




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